Saturday, July 9, 2011

Writers Groups

There's many different kinds of writers groups all dedicated to helping the novice writer.  Some meet monthly and have speakers.  If I'm looking for information, I prefer books.  I'm not totally anti-social.  I like people, just in small doses. However, after being in business for so many years, forced to sit through endless meetings and attend boring seminars, I tend to avoid that type of meeting.  Still looking for input on my writing, I found a critique group where I could bring a chapter and get feedback.  It amazed me how many people were writing books, most of them really good. Again after enduring the politics of the business world, I was stunned at the lack of professional jealousy.  Granted most of us weren't professional writers, but still. Instead of being insulting or even discouraging, the critiques were kind and constructive.  They pointed out grammatical errors as well as holes in the plot.

The one thing I had to learn was, while I respected each person's point of view, ultimately it was my creation and I had to be satisfied with the result.

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  1. Like you I was astounded by the amount of Writers in our area. The community of writers willing to step out and help another writer is wonderful. I have made so many friends through writers groups, and I have attended some that were just bad seeds. Condescending attitudes are not what a writer is about. Everyone has their own opinion about how a book should be written. Taking the feedback is notable and once in awhile they will find a whole that you didn't see during the writing process. But as you say, it's your book, your story. Stay true to your heart and the words will flow.