Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I have never used my blog to rant about politics but that's what I'm doing today. So if you don't want to continue reading, I'll understand.
- Supreme Court Reversal of Political Donations - What makes everyone think that the Republicans are the only rich people?. Do they really think that Harry Reid and Obama got into office by millions of one dollar donations? And how exactly did Obama become a millionaire since his only job before becoming president was as a union organizer? Oh I forgot, he comes from Illinois where they sell political positions.
- Republican Platform Change - Now that the Republicans have taken marriage, abortion and immigration off the platform, how are they different from Democrats? And if Chris Christie becomes the presidential candidate, I won't be able to vote for the first time. If he didn't know what his people were doing, then he's a terrible manager and not fit for office and if he did know, he's a liar and a bully. But on the other hand I can't vote for Clinton because she's no better. All I ask is to be able to vote for someone with integrity.
- If children of illegal aliens can't go to college and are afraid to be deported then they should blame their parents for bringing them here. Families don't have to be split up, if one parent is deported, the family can go with them. I believe in personal responsibility. One should bear the consequences of their decisions. The only people being deported at the moment are criminals and yet we have demonstrations insisting that Obama cease deportation. Do these people really want to keep criminals in the country? Don't we have enough of our own?

There I feel better having got all that off my chest.